Born in Darkness

Journal: Banis Veritan

Journal entries written by the last Lord of House Veritan

I have learned disturbing truths about our family. Our greatest work, the Waygates, were not made using the magical knowledge of my great grandfather, Delas Veritan, as is widely believed. The knowledge of the Gates was granted by a mysterious patron from Outside, known as Malkus. If the Priests or Magi learned that we had even contacted such a being, much less used knowledge given by it, our House would surely fall. I was assured that Malkus was a force for good, surely a god in his own right, and his favor had secured our family’s destiny as the greatest of the Houses. But why would such a being help us and ask nothing in return? Father says that I shouldn’t worry over such things, but I can’t help but wonder if the gift we received has not come with an unknown price.

My worst suspicions have been confirmed. In my studies of the Gates, I have realized that they are not actually keyed to Veritan blood, as I had assumed. At least, not directly. When the Waygates were constructed, it was built to respond to Malkus’ essence, and no others. This can only mean that the reason the Gates respond to us is because we carry the Demon’s essence ourselves! Great-grandfather Delas must have entered into some kind of blood covenant with Malkus.

The runes and combinations we know for activating the Gates are not the only ones. I have learned of another set that can be used, but it does not lead to any Gate we have built on Torenia, and I am unable to activate the combination in any Gate by using my Bloodstone. I can only assume that the runes lead to the home plane of Malkus, and that he seeks entry into our world. I must find a way to prevent this.

All of my efforts thus far have failed. The Waygates are nigh indestructible, and the magic powering them is impervious to interruption or sabotage. I can feel the Demon’s influence over me growing every day. My father has obviously fallen completely under his sway, and I spend more and more time locked away in my lab, feverishly working to rectify the mistakes of my ancestors. Soon I fear I will no longer resist his whispered temptations of power. Already I find myself wondering if I could use that power to work against him…

There is no other way. If our blood holds the secrets of power that would give him access to our world, then the only choice I have left is to eliminate every last drop on the face of Torenia. My father was easy, knowing that he wasn’t really the one in control anymore. I think if mother was still alive, she would have understood. Plans are already in motion to take care of my brothers, and their families, and that just leaves Tristan. I know it must be done, and that it is surely too late to feel remorse, but it is a hard thing. I must take solace in remembering that I am saving him from the same fate we all would succumb to, and keeping him free and pure from Malkus’ influence. I will do it gently, in his sleep, so it will be peaceful. Then, after my son is dead, I will thrust that dagger into my own heart, ending this blight forever.



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